Kathiravan Matriculation Higher Secondary School
Matriculation higher secondary school

Kathiravan Matriculation Higher Secondary School

Kathiravan Matriculation Higher Secondary School at Tirupur. His father Arun Prasad is working in a bank at Thirupur as Assistant Manager. His family had moved to Tirupur only a year ago. Sivaram has two siblings (twins). Vijay (Name changed) an 11 year old boy alleged to have assaulted the child Sivaram leading to his death, is also studying 6th standard in the same school. It is reported that both these boys were friends and they would travel in the same school bus together from their homes. All the children traveling in that bus would reach the school at 7.45am and once they reach the school they generally go to their respective classrooms, but there is no teacher supervision since the teachers come to school only later. Most of the time the children would play from 7.45 am until classes began at 8.45 am. It was informed to the Fact Finding Team that Sivaram and Vijay were found to be playing together on most occasions outside their class rooms during this time (7.45 am – 8.45.am).On the fateful day 27th January 2016, Sivaram and Vijay were playing together while travelling in the school bus, suddenly a quarrel erupted between them when Sivaram started bullying Vijay calling him as PAGHAL / BEHUFU which means mad person in Hindi. Vijay was very offended, became angry and wanted to beat up Sivaram as soon as they reached the school. On reaching school Vijay was not able to beat up Sivaram since he saw the Physical Education Teacher, so he left the ground and went back to his class. A little later Vijay saw Sivaram going to the toilet from his classroom, he also went behind him and again quarrel erupted between them. The toilet is in the corner of the school with full of sharp pebbles and big stones on the ground which is dangerous for young children like Sivaram. There is no staff presence near the toilet for assisting younger children. In the total absence of adult supervision in an around the toilet the quarrel between Sivaram and Vijay further escalated and intensified and they started beating each other outside the toilet. In that process it seems that Vijay pushed Sivaram’s head against a big stone due to which Sivaram started bleeding profusely from his head. On seeing this Vijay tried to lift Sivaram but he fell down and hit his head once more against another stone and sustained further head injuries. Vijay tried to stop the bleeding from Sivaram’s head by keeping a Polythene cover but failed to stop the bleeding. Vijay also hurt his hand in this process.There were not many other children in school when the incident took place. However it was reported to the Fact Finding team that a girl Ishwaria (name changed) studying 5th standard in the same school saw Sivaram and Vijay quarreling through the classroom window. Ishwaria informed Krishnasamy  (name changed) another boy, who went to the place of incidence near the toilet and found Sivaram unconscious and severely bleeding, he also saw Vijay standing beside Sivaram blood stains on his uniform. Krishnasamy immediately told about this incident to the Physical Education Teacher who rushed to the spot and took Sivaram and Vijay immediately to the nearby Krithika Clinic accompanied by the school secretary. The doctors in Krithika Clinic examined Sivaram and found him in a very critical condition and thus referred him to the Government Hospital, Tirupur. As Vijay was not severely injured, the doctors treated him as outpatient and sent him back to the school. However on arrival at the government hospital at Tirupur, Sivaram was declared as brought dead. Later the Principal informed Police at Tirupur Central Police Station about the incident. The Sub Inspector together with Women Police Constable went to the school and conducted preliminary inquiry. According to the police who are dealing with this case, Vijay has been booked under sec 302 (murder) of the IPC and produced before the Juvenile Justice Board in Tirupur. Vijay has been sent to the Observation Home in Coimbatore. Based on the information given by the school authorities the police have registered a FIR. There was no complaint against the school management for their negligence to ensure children’s safety in their school.

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