Sri Vijay Vidyalaya Matric Higher Secondary School
CBSE School

Sri Vijay Vidyalaya Matric Higher Secondary School

Sri Vijay Vidyalaya Matric Higher Secondary School, Gandhi Nagar Dharmapuri/Hosur, NEET - ICP Students have topped the State Board Examination in Biology - Maths Group, XII Std Public Exams 2017-2018 1. D.Monisha - 1180 2. Dhanalakshmi - 1178 3. S.J. Swetha - 1172 4. S. Divyashri - 1170 The above students have topped studying both NEET and State board (ICP section) is an added achievement, encouraging state board students to achieve greater heights

Awards and Achievements

012 - 13 R. Akalya 1188 / 1200 State II Rank District I Rank State III Mark in Tamil Hosur Dt. Top 10 Ranks 2011 - 12 S. Rajeswari 1185 / 1200 District I Rank State III Rank in Kanada Satate III Mark in Tamil & English 2010 - 11 K. Rekha P.S. Rekha 1190 / 1200 1186 / 1200 State I Rank & State III Rank State I Rank in English, Sanskrit State II Rank in Tamil, Telugu Krishnagiri Dt. I, II, IV, V - Rank, Hosur Dt. First 10 Rankers 2009 - 10 K. Kathiresan G. Kalapana Z. Shabana Sulthana 1172 / 1200

Admission Procedures

Academic year is from June to March. Holidays on April & May. Examination The progresses of the students are assessed by means of Slip tests, Cyclic tests, Mid Term and Terminal Examinations. The Academic achievements of the students in terms of marks secured in comparison to "Class Average and Class Highest" are given to the parents on campus day. Personality Development & Motivational Classes To motivate the children personality development classes and motivation classes are arranged often.

Principal's Desk

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  • Education is the back bone of one’s career; when this basis is strong, the student can perform more wonders on his own". Sri Vijay Vidyalaya is a privately held, co-educational school, which is Recognised by the Tamilnadu Government Directorate of Secondary Education. Our school is well known and recognized for its State Ranks in the year 2008 - 09 and 2010 - 11 and District Ranks every year without fail and also for cent percent results.

School Facilities

  • Trasnport


  • Ground


  • Library


  • Play Ground

    Play Ground

  • Activity Room

    Activity Room

  • Auditorium


  • Sports


  • Art Room

    Art Room

  • Music Hall

    Music Hall

  • Swimming pool

    Swimming pool

  • Science Laboratories

    Science Laboratories

  • Computer Laboratories

    Computer Laboratories

  • Gymnasium


  • Book Store

    Book Store

  • Band music

    Band music

  • Physics Laboratories

    Physics Laboratories

  • More..

Other Amenities

  • Clubhouse


  • Purified Water Source

    Purified Water Source

  • Centralized Water System

    Centralized Water System

  • Playground


  • 24x7 Securities

    24x7 Securities



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